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Reach more leads, close more of your dream clients, and do it 11x more affordable and 50x faster.

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Maximize Reach

Maximize the reach of your outreach, with emails that reaches the inbox. 

Save money

Superior email service at a fraction of the cost of traditional email providers.

Save time​

Fully-automated email setup, saving you time spent on setup to focus on strategy.

Get Started with ColdScale in 3 Steps

Kick off your cold email campaigns with ColdScale quickly and effectively. Follow these straightforward steps:


Fill out the Form

Provide essential details about your needs, including the number of domains and email accounts you’ll be using.


Purchase Domains

Select and buy your domains through our platform, ensuring a perfect match for your email campaigns.


Start Sending

We’ll send you a CSV file for easy import into popular cold email software like Instantly, Smartlead, etc. Import with one click and start sending!

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Best for solo-entrepreneurs just getting started, wanting to book 5-10 meetings a month.

€49 / Month*


Best for Agencies or anyone wanting to book 10-30+ appointments a month.

€99 / Month*


Best for Lead Gen Agencies/SaaS or anyone looking for a enterprise-level cold email setup.

€179 / Month*

* Domains are not included in the price


Why choose ColdScale over Workspace/Outlook/Etc.?

ColdScale offers a unique blend of affordability, speed, and reliability that sets us apart from traditional providers like Workspace or Outlook. Our services are significantly cheaper, ensuring you get premium features without the premium price tag. With ColdScale, you benefit from a faster setup process, allowing you to launch your campaigns swiftly.

Additionally, we provide dedicated IP addresses, unlike shared IPs in Workspace/Outlook, which can be affected by other users’ actions. This dedicated approach significantly enhances your email deliverability.

Having multiple email accounts is crucial for effective cold emailing. It allows for segmentation of your outreach efforts, reduces the risk of being flagged as spam, and enhances deliverability by distributing the load across various accounts. This approach also enables better tracking and optimization of your campaigns.

ColdScale streamlines your cold emailing process by providing a robust and user-friendly platform. Once you sign up, you specify your requirements such as the number of domains and email accounts needed. We then set up an optimized email infrastructure for you, with dedicated IP addresses for enhanced deliverability. We also provide a CSV file for 1-click integrations with popular cold email tools, enabling you to start your campaigns with minimal setup time.

Email deliverability is a top priority at ColdScale. We use enterprise-grade infrastructure and dedicated IP addresses to ensure the highest possible deliverability rates. Our system is designed to help your emails reach their intended inboxes, minimizing the chances of landing in spam folders.

Currently, ColdScale does not support the use of externally purchased domains. Our service is designed to provide a seamless experience, which includes providing domains that are optimized for the best deliverability and performance in cold email campaigns. This ensures that all aspects of your email infrastructure are fully compatible and efficiently managed under our system. The fixed pricing of .com domains are 17€ and you can have up to 3 sending email accounts pr. domain. subscribe